David Belflower

Give and take

David Belflower pictured outside in a purple shirtDavid Belflower graduated from Western with honors and an extremely useful Medical Laboratory Technician associate degree. Leading up to this educational success, many years were spent trying to force the pieces of his life together to form a perfect whole, though it was never quite right.

David graduated from high school in 1981, and like most, he didn’t have a set plan. Also like most kids, he thought he would get a job, make a living, and have a wonderful life. He explored many vocations. As a baker, he found himself bored and full of burns. A job building refrigerators was more interesting, but the hiring-layoff cycles did not provide the stability he desired.

David decided to join the Army Airborne School. He received training as a medic and jumped out of airplanes. He loved it! Just six months into his training, David hurt his back bad enough to require lumbar spinal fusion surgery. His paratrooper dreams would not come to fruition.

David’s earned maturity and life experiences serve him well. Western ensured that David had the tools he needed to finish his studies. The Veteran Military Center exists on campus to support all veterans on their path to a degree. The Veteran Center helped him with advising and registration. A small loan to purchase a car and the occasional gas card were lifesavers. Advisors helped David get the right classes, financial advisors helped secure financial assistance, and Disability Services helped David in the classroom by providing him with a hearing device. Everyone’s journey is unique; personalized service is vital. 

David has a career he loves; he is thrilled he’s able to pay it forward. According to David, “We all want the same thing: to take care of ourselves and our loved ones.” That’s how it works, and it’s sweet when all the pieces fit together. David is essentially Western.