Roots, resilience, and community

Just outside of Spring Grove, Minnesota, Moriah Cody spent the best years of her childhood. Now, Moriah is not your average mother, daughter, musician, Western graduate, community volunteer, and busy professional. She is all that, and so much more! She has 23 years of finance experience and is currently the Vice President of Hanson & Associates, a private wealth advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC here in La Crosse. So, how did she become the trusted, go-to woman at work—and in the community? Let’s get to it!

Moriah’s life experience began on the farm—her family roots run as deep as an aged Hickory tree. Her dad, a beloved local musician, and her mom, a local culinary chef whom many have—and still—enjoy her cuisine, shaped Moriah’s early years. Wholesome fun and creativity provided a stable and joyful foundation. (A fun fact you need to know: Rolling Ground, a nod to her father’s childhood family farm, is the name of the band her family would start years later—a labor of love that supplemented her college fund.)

As a vibrant and optimistic young adult, Moriah traded the rustic charm of rural Minnesota for the busier life of La Crosse. She started work at Fayze’s during the height of the restaurant’s popularity. Around this time, she became a single parent to her son, Austyn. Determined to create a career and give her son the best life possible, she turned to Western, and found support there. Seeking guidance from a counselor, Moriah explored various programs and classes hoping to find her answer.

Early in her tenure at Western, she enrolled in a program called Wisconsin Works, a state initiative that mandated ten hours of internship work in exchange for assistance with school and daycare costs—a generous experience that left an impression. Moriah secured an internship in Western’s Human Resources department, this move proved to be a game-changer. With school and daycare expenses covered and a modest scholarship, Moriah proudly graduated in 1997 with a degree in HR and Business Administration. Reflecting on her alma mater, Moriah said, “I’m impressed with Western as it exists now, it’s gotten better and better over the years,” a sentiment we can all relate to when something improves with consistency and time, like a fine wine or cheese. Equipped with a degree and ambition, fast forward a few years. After exploring different pursuits, Moriah found a home at American Express Financial Advisors, now Ameriprise.

Her hard work and dedication paid off and today she is a leading financial advisor in the area and has recently stepped into the role of Vice President. Moriah’s diverse expertise includes women’s financial strategies, including ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) investing, retirement, and estate planning, insurance, and small business. Her finely honed skills position her as a trusted guide, ensuring that her clients effectively navigate the landscape and thrive.

Moriah is actively involved in organizations like the Women’s Fund of La Crosse where she sits on the Events and Impact Committees. She is also currently working with Western’s foundation to set up a scholarship endowment as a legacy to the Women’s Alliance of La Crosse organization. Her community dedication extends to projects like the Midwest Music Festival and Habitat for Humanity. When supporting an organization, Moriah wants it to feel meaningful on both a personal and community level, with the goal of keeping the funds local.

Beyond the interconnected world of finance and community, Moriah finds joy in family, friends, her artist-musician-husband Matt, and her Boxer Penny. Alongside Penny, she embraces the physicality of hiking and the rejuvenation of yoga. Moriah and Matt actively support working musicians by hosting House Shows—intimate events where live music resonates in the cozy confines of people’s homes. An outdoors lover, she believes in the therapeutic power of nature, proving that sometimes, the best investment is a breath of fresh air— especially in the Driftless region.

Moriah Cody’s legacy is one of community harmony. Her knowledge, experience, and unwavering commitment make her a trusted source of financial advice and community leadership. Foundationally, investing in people is what matters.