Norah Fimple

Norah FimpleNorah Fimple is a 2021 La Crosse Central graduate. She graduated early to explore interests, develop a career path, and create an education plan. Feeling organized—like she had something of a head start—Norah chose to begin at Western.

Seeking academic confidence, Norah created a time management plan and a class and study routine to ensure success. “Academic life at Western is different from high school—more independent with a need for self motivation. I like working with more freedom, but I’m glad for the practice,” Norah states. Norah will finish nearly all of her gen eds by the end of this school year, and the credits will transfer. She ignited and established her love of writing. She greatly appreciates the small class size: it’s easy to make friends, establish a rapport with instructors, and engage in thoughtful classroom discussion in a comfortable environment. To that point, her favorite class is Race, Class, and Gender, which inspires stimulating classroom discussions.

Norah is planning on a career in publishing, writing, or public relations; however, she is currently enjoying the freedom to discover and learn at Western. Next year, she will be ready for her university experience in the land of natural beauty and seemingly eternal winter: University of Minnesota Duluth.