Kevin Hoeltzle

Our latest staff profile features Kevin Hoeltzle!

-What do you do on campus?

I am an electromechanical and mechatronics instructor at Western’s main La Crosse campus. Along with teaching classes for those programs, I am working with a team to build our new Internet of Things Integration Specialist program. Lastly, along with teaching and managing my programs, I serve on a couple of committees at the college, namely the college communications team and the poverty informed data team.

-Where is your favorite place at Western?

My favorite place at Western is anywhere in the Integrated Technology Center. I love that I have the opportunity through my job, to work with experts in many different fields, and that by working with them, I have the ability to learn new things that are on the cutting edge of technology!

-What are your hobbies?

I have quite a few hobbies, but the ones that are really important to me are walking in the woods, building medieval weaponry, e.g., crossbows, pole arms, etc., and flint knapping (making stone tools). I also play the guitar for fun and read pretty much anything that has to do with modern or historical technology.

-Advice for students?

My advice to students is to keep an open mind and pursue knowledge and skills that you are genuinely interested in rather than just focusing on what a potential career pays. If you are very good at what you do and have the knowledge to back that up, a good wage and a measure of happiness will follow you.