Western Staff Get Pied In The Face For Good Cause

As part of a fundraiser from Western’s Student Government, students had the opportunity to throw a pie in the face of several students and staff members at an event on Monday, Nov. 19.

Over the last several weeks, students have had the opportunity to vote on who they would have liked to throw a pie at by donating money in jars at Western’s Student Life office. Those whose jars collected the most money were selected to have a pie thrown at their face by a student draw. All of the donations received from the event goes towards flood relief efforts in the Coon Valley area.

Western President Roger Stanford, instructor Alissa Minten, and Student Life coordinator Leah Durnin Hoover were the top vote-getters. Each had a pie in the face!

More than $700 was raised during the event. Thank you to everyone who made that happen!