Student Profile: Brianna Allen

We have another student profile for you! Today, we feature Brianna Allen.

-What is your program at Western? Where did you go to high school?

I am enrolled in the Business Management program and I went to La Crosse Central here in La Crosse.

-Who is your favorite instructor at Western?

My favorite instructor so far has been Shannon Corcoran as well as Pat Mielke. They are both great instructors that have helped me grow by pushing me and forcing me to find answers myself.

-What do you like about Western?

I love the flexibility of class times here at Western and I also love that my program specifically offers a lot of blended classes. It allows face-to-face time with instructors as well as online work that can be completed on your own time which is a great advantage.

-Future career goals?

In the future I hope to own my own business.

-Advice for future students?

My advice for future students would be to use the resources that are provided at Western. All the staff is dedicated to helping you succeed and there are many services and programs available that can assist you even further.

Thank you so much, Brianna!