Student Profile: Katie Griffing

We have another student profile. Today, we feature Katie Griffing.

-What is your program?

I am a second year student in the Architectural Technology program and will be graduating in December of this year.

-Where did you go to high school?

I went to Holmen High School.

-Who has been your favorite instructor at Western?

All of my professors have been great and very knowledgeable but my program professors (Loren Anderson and Pete Zirbel) stand out the most. They have both been terrific resources in class and have made a great effort to set their students up for success after graduation.

-What do you like about Western?

My favorite thing about being a student at Western is knowing that the investment I am making in my education is going a long way. The service and education is top notch. The faculty have been so welcoming and accommodating to me as a student and I love seeing so many friendly faces everyday around campus!

-Future career goals?

My long term goal is to design custom horse barns but I’m keeping my options open and will just be happy to continue designing and putting my skills to use.

-Advice for future students?

Get out of your comfort zone, whatever that means to you. For me that meant getting involved in Student Organizations and developing my networking skills. Many of my best memories from college have happened when my boundaries were being pushed. Another piece of advice is to do program shadows and explore a variety of career options if you’re not sure what you want to do. If you don’t know right away that is okay too- just keep your eyes open to opportunities and enjoy the process.

Thanks for sharing, Katie!