Staff Profile: Jessica Schweigert

We have another staff profile! Today, we feature Jessica Schweigert.

-What do you do at Western?

On campus I serve as the Program Coordinator for Project Proven. In that role I work with students who are currently or formerly incarcerated to address barriers to gainful employment, entering into school, and overall successful re-entry back into the community. I work on campus, meeting students to address these barriers while also facilitating groups in the Program Pod over at the La Crosse County Jail. In addition to my full time role in Project Proven I also serve as an adjunct instructor for the General Studies department teaching Intro to Psychology and Developmental Psychology courses.

-Where is your favorite place on campus?

My favorite place at Western is in the courtyard area between the Kumm Center and the Lunda Center / Coleman Building. I often walk through this area a couple of times a day. Not only is it a peaceful walk, but I love to see students going to and from classes or taking a break outside. The atmosphere in that area is of change and endless possibilities.

-Do you have an hobbies?

My hobbies include dabbling in photography, spending time at home with my family, teaching, and working on my Doctorate Degree (most people wouldn’t consider this a hobby, but I really enjoy learning and engaging in somewhat structured learning).

-Any advice for students?

Two pieces of advice that I have for students…. 1. When you finally figure out what you are most passionate about and pursue that, you never have to “work” a day in your life!  2. Every morning we wake up with an opportunity to start over, to do better, to accomplish new goals, to change our lives and the lives around us; go into each morning with an open heart and mind.

Thank you so much for sharing, Jessica!