Western’s Experience 2025 Focuses On Every Student, Every Day

Western Technical College announced this week the launch of a new college-wide strategic plan, Experience 2025, aimed at improving overall student success at Western.

The plan was developed over the last year with input from Western staff, students, and local employers. It builds upon the previous strategic plan, Vision 2020, which included a $79.8 million referendum to create facilities that represent current and future workplace environments.

With updated facilities in place, the college’s focus is shifting to the student experience and four strategic directions: first choice service; workforce and community engagement; equity, inclusion and support; and employee engagement. Goals for the next seven years include an improvement in student satisfaction, stronger integration of program students with the community and regional employers, elimination of achievement gaps for African American, Hispanic and Native American students, and increased enrollment of underserved populations. Western remains focused on helping employers and communities thrive with talent.

“Our motto under Experience 2025 is ‘every student, every day,’” said Western President Roger Stanford. “We have set aggressive high-level goals, but at the end of the day, it comes down to becoming a college that is student-ready, rather than waiting for students to be college-ready. We will meet students where they are and provide them with the services and training they need to be successful. Western is uniquely positioned to do this.”

To accomplish this, Western will implement several strategies, including an improved enrollment process, innovative teaching practices, increased internship opportunities, expanded partnerships with K-12 schools, and optimized regional locations.

“I’m excited to see staff and faculty come up with creative ideas to deliver on our brand promise of the essential experience,” said Stanford. “Students repeatedly tell us that it’s our staff members who make the difference; that one special person who took an interest in their success. That’s what we hope to create for every student, every day.”