Student Profile: Larry Xiong

Today, we feature Western student Larry Xiong. Enjoy!

-What is your program?

I am in the Human Services Program.

-Who has been your favorite instructor at Western?

I can’t just pick one, so my favorite instructors would hands down be Ann Lichliter and Keith Lease. They are so down to earth and real people that you can really connect with. Also, they really care about their student’s success.

-What do you like about Western?

I started at a 4-year college right after graduating High School and after 3 semesters I dropped out. Afterwards, I took a year and half off of schooling just to figure myself out. So if you’re fresh out of high school, a parent, or maybe starting over, you are welcome here. That is what I really like that about Western.

-Future career goals?

I currently work at a human service agency as a peer support and I love it. I really enjoy working with individuals who have depression. I’ve been there and nobody deserves to go at it alone.

-Advice for future students?

Check blackboard! Assignments will sneak up on you if you do not stay on top of that. Also, don’t be afraid to reach out to your professors. They’re there to help you so take advantage of that.

Thanks, Larry! Be sure to check out more of our student and staff profiles on our online News Center!