Paralegal Day Spotlight: Nicole Ames

On Friday, May 18, Western celebrated Paralegal Day in Wisconsin with a look at our paralegal program. We also had the chance to feature some of our alumni in the field. We start with Nicole Ames.

-When did you graduate from Western?

Spring of 2015

-What do you do now?

Compliance Lead for Fastenal Company. I manage compliance and industry demands for the products Fastenal sells, manufactures, and distributes globally.

-How do you think a paralegal degree helped you in your career?

The skills I learned in the paralegal degree such as detailed analyzing, multi-tasking, and decision making absolutely has helped me in my career. My job is all about reviewing regulations, figuring out if they apply to the business, and if they do – execute on how we are going to comply. The skills mentioned have allowed me to be successful with this type of career.

-How have you changed professionally going through the paralegal program at Western?

With Western and the paralegal program being so hands on, I was able to get an idea of the environment working in this industry. Because of this, the transition from school life to work life was not difficult. I was very appreciative of that!

Awesome, Nicole! To learn more about Western’s paralegal program, head to