Student Profile: James Slade

We have another student profile! Today, we feature James Slade.

-What is your program? 

 I am in the Electrical Engineering Technologies program at Western Technical College. I am also the vice president of the Western Technical College Electronics Club. I am graduating from this program April 21st. 

 -Who has been your favorite instructor at Western?

 This is the hardest question anyone could ask me about my classes. I have had a ton of great teachers at Western both in my program as well as in the Gen Ed department. Every teacher has driven me to work harder and do better. Every teacher I have had has gone above and beyond to ensure that a great education is received by the student.

-What do you like about Western?

 My favorite thing about Western is how driven Western is to have successful students.  The opportunities are limitless for career choices and there are so many opportunities to make connections such as scholarships and community service. Plus all the teachers are knowledgeable in the industry they teacher and can give life experience you can’t get anywhere else. 

 -Future career goals?

 I hope to take my Associates Degree to MSOE and get my full blown BSEE (Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering) and my dream would be to work for an automotive company designing electric cars. I have always been interested in RC cars and Electric cars in general, the fact that they are starting to become prevalent in society only lets this dream become more and more achievable.

 -Advice for future students?

 Don’t do multiple things partially. Finish everything you start and don’t stop until you are happy with it. Put every ounce of effort into all your projects and never quit. Life in college can get rough at times, but in the end, everything is worth the struggle. Also, don’t plan life goals based on the money alone. Find something in life that truly makes you happy. Find something that you wake up to and don’t dread doing. Finally, life is too short to sweat the small things. Live by the 5 x 5 rule; If it won’t matter in five years, don’t spend more than 5 minutes letting it get to you.

Thank you for sharing!