Western Hosts Robotics Competition

Students from around the area competed once again in Western’s very own robotics competition on Friday, March 23.

52 students from six schools competed in the event, which is the conclusion to a special electronics program that Western offered at several local schools through a Career Preparation Grant.  The robots, called BOE-BOTS, are approximately the size of a five-inch cube. Each is equipped with a circuit board, wheels, and a drive mechanism controlled a micro-controller and sensors. Students use computer software to program the robot’s movement based on information from the sensors.

The final competition included four contests: the Dead Reckoning course, where students program the robot to drive in a square and stop in an exact location; a maze race; a blind navigation course and an open contest for the most original program design. The students toured Western’s Electronics lab during their break from the competition.

The competition and event was well received by all!