Student Profile: Danika Wehling

Today, we feature another student at Western. Danika Wehling and her husband, Nathan have been farming since 2005. Their farm includes 70 organic milking cows, which is sold to Westby Co-op Creamery. In total, the Wehlings farm over 300 acres! Danika answer a few question about her time here at Western, here’s what she had to say!

What is your program? Agriculture – night programs for farmer

-Who has been your favorite instructor at Western? Dona Goede (my only teacher)

-What do you like about Western? Dona understands and works with a farmer’s schedule. She is also well educated and informed to be able to teach us the newest agricultural markets and strategies of all kinds, to help us better ourselves in our industry that we love.

-Future career goals? My future goal is to expand our dairy, farm store and tractor repair business.

-Advice for future students? I’m a big pusher of getting young adults to get a two year degree or more. Nathan (husband) and I both went to MATC and continue taking courses through Western to better understand the changing world. Western has provided us with a great base of teachers that push us to be better business owners and give us incite of the future that will impact our businesses.

Thank you for sharing your story, Danika!