Staff Profile: LeeAnne Schwan

We have another staff profile! Today, we feature LeeAnne Schwan.

-What do you do on campus?

I am an instructor and clinical coordinator for the Medical Laboratory Technician Program and Phlebotomy Experience Certificate. I previously taught Microbiology in General studies for two years before I switched positions. Luckily, I still get to teach a lab section of Microbiology in the fall.

-Where is your favorite place at Western?

My favorite place on campus is the back stairwell of the Health Science Center. I don’t always get to see the outdoors in my office or class rooms but when I walk up or down those stairs between classes, I get to enjoy beautiful views of the La Crosse area through the big windows. The view from the 5th floor is the best!

-What are your hobbies?

Besides being a mom of two wonderful little girls, I am usually knitting something. I actually designed my first pair of mittens over break to match a hat I had made last winter. Knitting is very meditative and makes me feel like I’m being productive even if I am just watching tv at home.

I like to swim, bike and run! Some may think I am a little crazy too but I signed up for my first half ironman this summer. A half ironman race is a 1.2 miles swim, 56 mile bike, and 13.1 mile run. So you will find me working out even more this spring. I swim with the master’s swim team at the Y and run and bike mostly on my own.

Though I haven’t had as much time as I would like to practice, I also have taken up playing the ukulele the last 2 years. I keep my two ukuleles hanging on my dining room wall because they look nice and I can grab them easily and play at home when the mood strikes. Some Wednesdays, I’ll head over to Moose Lodge and play with the Cheezland Uke Band.

-Advice for students?

My best advice for students is to just keep working hard and moving forward. Classes may seem tough and school may seem like it go on forever. But it is worth the effort when you get to the end!!

Thank you, LeeAnne!