Staff Profile: Jenny Parker

We have another staff profile! Today, we feature Jenny Parker.

-What do you do on campus?

I am a faculty member in the Business Division, starting my 21st year of teaching and happily still excited to be in the classroom.  I currently teach classes in Accounting and Management on the La Crosse campus and at the regional learning centers. I have classes face to face, online, and IDL so I get to have experiences with a wide range of students.

-Where is your favorite place at Western?

I enjoy all the campuses, yet I have a soft spot for my “home campus”, the Tomah campus.  It is a warm, welcoming and everyone is treated like family. You walk in the door and everyone, staff and students, is friendly and sharing their experiences.

-What are your hobbies?

I enjoy volunteer work and traveling. I especially love to experience new cultures. Some of my favorite trips have been to Africa and Turkey. I have made some amazing friends along the way, as well as participated in some interesting community development projects.  I will be traveling to Nepal after the spring trimester. I am looking forward to staying in local huts near the Himalayas and visiting the birth place of Buddha.

-Advice for students?

My advice to students is to make the time to create a strong support network. There are going to be times when you feel overwhelmed, so having a classmate, friend, teacher, or family member who can give you that extra nudge of encouragement and provide support can make all the difference. Know that everyone at the college wants you to be successful. Get involved, make connections and seek help as needed. We are all a team. You are worth it.