Staff Profile: Alissa Minten

Alissa Minten

Every week, we feature one faculty member who has made a difference in the lives of students at Western. This week, we feature Alissa Minten!

What do you do on campus?

I teach Psychology courses, mostly Intro and Developmental.

Where is your favorite place at Western?

– Anywhere I can find a dog.
– The Union Grind, especially when Omar is making my drink. I’m a coffee snob and he passes the test!
– My office, decorated in a way that makes me happy, very early in the morning, with soft lighting, Etta James Pandora, a huge mug of coffee and loads of introvert nourishing time in front of me.
– I come to work to be in that space with a student when something we are learning really connects with their life experience. That’s the moment the desire for them to learn passes from my hands to theirs, and it’s my favorite “place” to be at Western.

What are your hobbies?

– Baking & Cooking, Cleaning & Organizing – being a homebody
– Working Out (outdoors is best, try the bluffs in all seasons or even during a thunderstorm if it’s warm – you’ll feel ALIVE and GRATEFUL!)
– Being cuddled up and cozy with my family at the end of the day
– Friends + Coffee = a life worth living
– Reading (currently snorting with laughter through Matt Ballassai’s Everything is Awful) & getting really into a tv series with my husband (currently addicted to Shameless).
– Travel. Anywhere. Let’s go right now.

Advice for students?

Know your worth and don’t settle. You decide what your value is – don’t wait for others to tell you who or what you are. Question the prescribed path life seems to have laid out for you. Does it feel right or is it just what you think you’re supposed to do? Listen to that little voice inside. Don’t try to quiet it with reassurances from what your friends say, what you see others do or temporary distractions like money, toys or partying. You know you. Listen to that voice.