Apprenticeship Comes Easy to Katie Hyatt

Katie Hyatt

November 13-17 marked Apprenticeship Week across the country. It offers a chance to highlight the many benefits of an apprenticeship program. Western Technical College recently featured Katie Hyatt, a second year electrician apprentice at Kish and Sons. Here’s what she had to say about the program!

What drew you to the program?
“I liked hands on things. My brother is an electrician, and he said, ‘You can do it.'”

Why did you decide to become an electrician specifically?
“I roofed in high school, and I liked the outdoors, and it’s always something new every day.”

Why should others join the apprenticeship program?
“Go for it. It’s an awesome learning experience. You’re never going to regret it. The pay is awesome. The benefits are awesome. It’s a lifetime experience.”

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