Why Online School?

By Blake Bremmer, Marketing Management student

Online schooling is becoming the new wave of education, but are you participating and educating yourself just as if you were in a classroom? Well, here is some of my personal insight on how I’ve been doing better than ever in school. I got my feet a little wet with online learning at the end of high school, but that did not roll over into college as much as I thought it would. Granted, the first week or two was hard to get used to the platform and how we do things around Western, but you will get used to it in no time. I found some of the most successful tips was that I used was a schedule, for one of my classes I had to keep a weekly, 30-minute time slot, logs of what I did and see where all my time was going. I saw most of my time was spent doing unimportant events, such as hanging with friends and playing video games, so with a little schedule fixing I got right back on track. Going hand and hand with this, one tip I found extremely helpful was just doing one class a day, if I had a zoom meeting on a Tuesday, I would do that whole weeks’ worth of work after class finished up. If, I did not have a zoom on a day I would do a class that had no meetings and finish that week’s worth of work on that day. With my schedule, I found myself having most Fridays and weekends all to myself doing what I enjoyed doing, instead of doing homework like most others. I guess what I am trying to get at is just because you have a whole week to complete it, does not mean you should wait till the last day to complete it all, that just doesn’t end well. Just getting your homework done in an orderly manner makes schooling easier, learning more comprehendible, and the best thing, probably more time for yourself. With a little self-control and planning your week out, you can see great strides in your learning and grades.

Must Dos

  • Create a schedule.
  • Finish your homework on time.
  • Interact with your professors and other classmates.

Must DON’T

  • Let your homework do it by itself.
  • Skip classes.