Top Five Must Dos For Online Learning

By Michaela Hermeier, Marketing Management student

The adjustment to online learning was a pain. When it first started, I did not realize the difference that it was going to make. Looking at the adjustments that I had to make taught me a lot. I wanted to share my tips on how to be successful in the online learning environment.

Top 5 Must dos:

1.  Keep a schedule!

-Schedule time to read the PowerPoints, do the reading, and create a to-do list. Anything that will remind yourself of what you need to accomplish this week or day. This was extremely helpful for me because it prevents procrastination.

2. Stretching!

– Without having to walk classroom to classroom, class to class becomes monotonous when you are still sitting in front on the same screen, between classes or on breaks, get up and stretch/walk around to break it up.

3. Use your time wisely!

It is sometimes hard to pay any attention a zoom meeting when you are laying in your bed or when you are on your phone. Wake up and pay attention to the classes just like you are sitting in the classroom.

4. Don’t be afraid to advocate for your learning journey!

Speak up in the meetings, do not afraid to reach out to your professors with questions. Support is there. If you still are struggling, consider talking to a classmate.  

5. Know your resources!

The Learning Commons. The Learning Commons has online tutoring and editing services.

The online library. Thousands of educational titles accessible online.

Your advisor/advisor services. If you are feeling overwhelmed by courses or just life. Your advisor is a great non-judgmental source for advice.