Online Learning Tips

By Zach Boyer, Marketing Management student

I remember sitting in my bed in March of 2020 and seeing a Twitter notification saying the NBA has decided to suspend the season due to COVID-19, the once seemed impossible to happen, virus spreading from country to country like nothing nobody has seen before. The virus impacted everyday life for everyone.

For me, a first-year college student, and first time living away from my parents, it was a huge life shift. I have never ever been a school person. It was always hard for me to focus, and hard to show up to class. But as I got older, I knew that had to change. For the first couple of months at Western pre-pandemic, it was finally going smoothly. It all came to a crashing halt.

At first, online was a huge shift. My high school had iPads for school use that you could take home and it would help make the learning experience better. If there was a big snowstorm, it would be no problem; just have the teachers post all work on Schoology, a school app to give out homework and presentations and such. I thought, “OK, I know what it is like it will not be that bad.” But I was wrong. For one, college is a completely different animal, it’s very important to stay on top of things but I always have had a hard time with that. I managed to find ways to make it easier.

I think for most, the biggest challenge is staying on top of things in this now online format. Things can get confusing fast, and it would be hard to catch up without confusion. I found that having a calendar that was shared between, my phone, computer, and blackboard was a huge help, having daily reminders of what I got to do, and having an outlook on the calendar was very helpful. I also found out that asking questions in class is not a bad thing, its okay to ask questions, I really do just keep to myself while in class and go with the flow, when we were in class, I quickly realized that was not going to work, so I ask questions during class just to make sure I am keeping up with what is going on.

Nowadays, online school is just another day norm. Just like at first wearing a mask felt off and just distancing from other people, but now a mask is like a wallet or key, I cannot leave the house without it, and I do not even realize I grab it anymore. Like anything, it gets easier, just got to put your mind to it.