How To Stay Successful In An Online Learning Environment

By Seth Draeger, Marketing Management student

My Name is Seth Draeger. I was a 2020 graduate from Fort Atkinson High School. COVID-19 started during my senior year and the administration let us know halfway through spring break that we would not be returning to school; this was a weird time for me. Whoever thought that students would be doing online school full-time?

The switch from in-person to online was definitely interesting for me at first, I didn’t really know what I was doing and how to navigate it. I eventually figured it out but it kind of took the wind out of my sails because I was really looking forward to spending my last few months of school with my friends and was especially looking forward to my senior baseball season.

Going into my first year of college, I knew it was going to be a challenge adapting to full-time online learning. At first, it was a little rough but the professors I had made it easy to understand everything.

Some things you need to know to be successful in online schooling:

  • Communicate with your professors and classmates as much as possible
  • Turn in all work on time
  • If you miss a class, make sure you go back and watch it because that is valuable information
  • Participate in in-class discussions and the discussion board in Blackboard
  • If you have questions about something, do not hesitate to reach out to someone
  • Use the resources that Western offers

If you just apply yourself to online learning you will have nothing to worry about, it is actually very easy and is a great way to learn. I hope the advice I gave helps!