Dental Assistant Week Spotlight: Samuel Grzelak

We are celebrating National Dental Assistant Week on March 1-5, a chance to honor those working hard to keep our smiles nice and healthy! Below is a feature on recent Dental Assistant grad Samuel Grzelak!

-Where do you work?

I currently work at Sparta Dental Center.

-What do you enjoy most about your job?

I really enjoy the atmosphere of our office and the positive attitude of our team. We support one another to improve and achieve our goals that benefit us as individuals, an office, and our patients.

-Why did you choose the Dental Assistant program at Western?

I initially chose to attend Western’s Dental Assistant program to continue pursuing my studies and expanding my knowledge on the opportunities the dental field has to offer. I found true value in all the program had to offer when I met my instructors. They have the skill, experience, and genuine passion for providing quality patient care that we as students were given the opportunity to learn from and do the same.

-Why should others consider a Dental Assistant career?

You should consider a Dental Assistant career if you want a job that keeps you invested, moving, and on your toes. Your dental provider(s), co-workers, and patients depend on you, giving you a feeling of immense value and fulfilment.

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