New Parking Procedures

This summer, the City of La Crosse implemented pay-by-phone parking on several streets surrounding Western. With this program, anyone planning to park on these streets pays $1 per hour using a smartphone app with a limit of four hours parking in each block. We have heard from several of our students regarding your frustration with this program, and the financial burden it places on them.

In response to this system and the feedback we’ve received from students, Western’s parking committee has been developing new parking procedures for students and employees. We hope these changes will alleviate some of those concerns, and allow Western to continue to provide first-choice service to our students. With this said, the following changes have been made for the 2019-20 academic year (Beginning September 3):

  • A general parking pass for Western students will now be $35 annually. This is a reduction from our $100 general/$80 ramp only parking permit in previous years. Students may also purchase term-specific parking for $25 for the Fall or Spring terms, and $10 for Summer term only.
  • For part-time designated employees, the cost of a general parking permit will also be $35 annually or $25 for Fall or Spring term only, and $10 for Summer term only.
  • For full-time, benefit eligible employees, the cost of a general parking permit will be $50 annually. Employees will still be allowed to pay for their permit through payroll deduction.
  • The student permit will be valid in all Western lots except Lot E, F, and any specially designated spaces. In addition, Lots B, C, L and M (located by the Integrated Technology Center, Academic Resource Center/Student Success Center, Kumm Center, and the Coleman Center) have now been designated for students only. Other customers and visitors with temporary permits will also be allowed to park in these lots. This change is to allow our students first priority when parking near academic buildings.
  • While specifically designated for students, Lots B and M may still be reserved for Lunda Center events on occasion.
  • Employee parking permits will now only be valid in Lots D, H, K, and the parking ramp. Employees will be allowed to park in any lot except lots C, E, and F during the Summer Term.
  • Because these changes do not impact the Administrative Center, employees wishing to use Lot A may continue to purchase a permit for this area for $100 annually. This permit will also be valid in other employee designated lots.
  • Parking in all lots will still be on a first-come-first-served basis. There is no guarantee a student will find a parking spot in any given lot at any given time on campus.
  • Security staff will stop issuing parking tickets after 4:00 p.m. on weekdays.
  • Students with valid, visible disabled parking identification or license plates are allowed to park in designated handicapped lots with a Western parking permit. They may also park in the City’s zoned street parking for free by law.

Once again, these changes are designed to provide more affordable access to parking for Western students. Just as financial aid eligible students can charge their books against their financial aid if they have enough aid remaining after their tuition charges, parking permits can also be charged to a student’s financial aid. There are several other options when traveling to campus as well, including the City’s MTU bus service, S.M.R.T. bus, as well as biking to campus. Both the MTU and S.M.R.T. require a student ID with a valid bus sticker. This sticker can be picked up for free in the Student Life Office. Along with these transportation options, students may also purchase a daily parking permit for $2.

Parking permits will be made available in the Student Life Office beginning August 19. For a full map of all of these changes, visit