Parking Update: 6-17

We continue to provide information and updates regarding the recent changes to street parking around Western’s campus. As you know by now, the City of La Crosse has implemented the pay-by-phone parking program around several streets surrounding Western. We have heard from several of you regarding your frustration with this program. To clear up any confusion, this program has been implemented by the City, not Western. As such, any specific questions, including the parking appeals process, should be directed to the City of La Crosse Parking Utility at (608) 789-4908.

With that said, if you are a student concerned about your ability to attend classes this summer on campus, there are several options available to you:

  1. Purchase a Western summer parking pass for $10. These can be purchased at our Student Life Office, located in Kumm Center, Room 100. This pass is good through August 17 and allows an individual to park in any Western lot.
  2. Purchase a daily pass for any Western lot for $2 per day. This is an option for those who travel to campus less frequently.
  3. Persons who require accessible parking are allowed, by law, to park on the affected streets at any time for no cost with a valid handicap placard or license plates.

We care about your academic success at Western, and we know that finding affordable parking can be challenging. If you have concerns about the affordability of any these options, please contact a trusted Western staff member immediately.

Remember, we are here to help you succeed!