Dental Assistant Week At Western

Western is excited to celebrate Dental Assistants Recognition Week once again this year, an opportunity to spotlight Western’s DA program and its outstanding graduates. To learn more, visit

To mark this week, we have several alumni spotlights for you! Today, we feature Mandy Alverson!

-Where are you currently working?

I currently work at Coulee Region Implant & Oral Surgery Center (CRIOS) with Dr. Timm and Polzin. 

-What do you enjoy most about your job?

What I enjoy most about my job is the interaction I have with every patient that I encounter and forming a bond, watching patients gain confidence in smiling again and educating patients on oral health. 

-What drew you to the Dental Assistant Program at Western?

Personally, my oral health was not the greatest after high school and I neglected my teeth more than I should have. The purpose behind me wanting to be a part of the Dental Assistant Program at Western encouraged me to begin to achieve the smile I once had and have a more visual understanding of oral hygiene. 

-Why should others consider a Dental Assistant Career?

Dental assisting is one of the most rewarding jobs when it comes to working in the health field. If you enjoy working with others, have strong communication skills and making people smile, dental assisting is for you. 

Thank you, Mandy!