Student Profile: Myranda Antony

We have a student profile! Today, we feature Myranda Antony.

What is your program?

I am a second year student of the Fire Protection Technician Program here at Western and the only female currently enrolled in the program.

Who has been your favorite instructor at Western?

I have two instructors in the Fire program: Robert Smith and Blake Deiber, both of which are fantastic instructors that are very knowledgeable in their field and dedicated to their work. I have learned so much from these two individuals that has prepared me for the real life scenarios I will face in emergency incidents throughout my future career.

What do you like about Western?

I really enjoy that there is a separate facility located in Sparta dedicated to programs in the public safety field, which allows us more freedom for practice and training. Western is generous with their recent funding in the Fire Protection Program by modernizing and improving our training equipment and is still working on improving our program to be the best it can be. Western recently built a burn tower for the Fire program which is an amazing addition to the Sparta Training Facility and has proven very helpful towards advancing my skills to new levels.

Future career goals?

After completing my program I will be searching for available part time and full time positions on Fire Departments. I will complete this program with an EMT-basic certification so I may also pursue Fire and Medical positions as well.

Advice for future students?

I was very nervous about my size and gender when I first joined the Fire program, but I learned that I am an equal member of my team and had nothing to worry about. Don’t allow worries like that to interfere with pursuing a career that you’re interested in! Also, always take advantage of the resources available at Western, especially the financial aid opportunities!

Way to go, Myranda! Way to set an example for everyone!