Staff Profile: Randy Christensen

We have another staff profile! Today, we feature Randy Christensen.

-What do you do at Western?

I am an instructor in the Precision Machining and Programming Department.

-Where is your favorite place at Western?

Most of my time is spent in the Machine Shop in the Integrated Technologies Center on the La Crosse campus. With my background as a Tool & Die Maker and as an instructor in the precision machining field, this is where I feel most at home.

-What are your hobbies?

Even my hobbies revolve around machining: I always have some project I’m working on at home, either for myself or someone else. My shop at home is not nearly as complete as the one here at Western, but it is enough to allow me to tackle most odd jobs that come up.

-Advice for students?

No matter what program area you choose, you must realize that a lot of the responsibility for your success (or failure!) lies with you! If you come to school every day, and are prepared do what it takes to learn, you will be successful! As far as programs go, the Precision Machining/ Computer Numerical Control (CNC) field is wide open right now! Employers are in great need of trained employees, and this trend will continue for the foreseeable future. Come join us and, with a good attitude and some dedication, the opportunity for a great paying, personally satisfying job can be yours!

Great advise, Randy!